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Manabloc Whole-House Packages (1/2" only)

Free Shipping on all Manabloc Packages!

Manabloc packages (1/2" only) contain everything needed for a typical 'Manabloc forward' installation except for a crimp tool.

Crimp Tool Rental as low as $1.69 per day (3/8", 1/2", 3/4" and 1" crimp tools available, deposit required)

MVSP3 (1/2" Only) Series Manabloc Packages include 1/2" ViegaPex tubing.  Pex tubing connects directly to each fixture from the Manabloc without splices or couplings (less chance for leaks with less connections).  For the concealed connections (tub/shower, washer supply, icemaker supply), Pex tubing connects directly to the fixture with crimp threaded adapters (drop-ear elbows are included for tub spouts and showerheads).  For the exposed connections (kit sink, lav's, toilets), Pex tubing is installed in the floor (below the fixture) to connect directly to the fixture with a crimp swivel connector (allows fixture installation or replacement after the crimp is made).  The dishwasher fitting is an angled compression threaded adapter (to allow dishwasher installation or replacement).  Shut-off valves for all supply lines are built into the Manabloc... if you'd like to add in-line stops, or shut-off's at the Kit., Lav., or toilet, see Additional Components at bottom of page.

MVS$XLMC33.jpg (11546 bytes)  MVS$XLFC33.jpg (10676 bytes)  MVS$XLDE33.jpg (9945 bytes)  MVS$XLSA33.jpg (8958 bytes)  MVS$XCME32.jpg (10454 bytes)        

1/2" Pex tubing is used for all supply lines to the fixtures (see detailed component list below).  The discounted packages include fixture fittings for (1) lavatory, (1) toilet and (1) tub/shower per full bath and (1) lavatory and (1) toilet per half bath.  They also include fittings for (1) kitchen sink, (1) washer supply, H & C  (for a std. washer rough-in-box w/1/2" threads), (1) dishwasher supply, (1) icemaker supply (for a std. icemaker rough-in-box w/1/2" threads), and (2) hose bibs.  Packages also include a MW1 Manabloc wrench and an "Oops Kit" with extra fittings, couplers and crimp rings "just-in-case"!  And to complete the installation, all packages include a MBB2 Manabloc mounting bracket kit, J-Clamps, pex bend supports, escutcheons, RXPC4 safety caps (for unused Manabloc ports), crimp rings, and both test plugs and test caps to pressure test the system (pressure test kit is NOT included, but available, see below).  Please Note: Tubing quantities in the packages are based on 25' average fixture supply line length, order additional Pex tubing if you need more for your project.  See Manabloc Package Upgrades and Additional Components at bottom of page.  Email us at if you have any questions.

Rather have a Manabloc package with 3/8" tubing for your low-flow fixtures?  Click here

Need more information about Manabloc fittings?  Try this:  Manabloc Fittings & Accessories

Don't forget to protect your new plumbing system investment with a Honeywell Water Sediment Filter!  Click here for details


MVSP3 Manabloc Packages are for water distribution from the Manabloc to the fixtures.  For a complete Whole-House System, add the Supply Package MVSP4(upgrade) details at bottom of page.  

Purchase a Manabloc Package Now, or use the package contents list to configure your system.  1/2" crimp tool required for installation.  (click on sale price to add to basket):

1 Bath 1/2" Only Manabloc Package (MVSP3-10) Click for sale Price

1-1/2 Bath 1/2" Only Manabloc Package (MVSP3-15) Click for sale Price

2 Bath 1/2" Only Manabloc Package (MVSP3-20) Click for sale Price

2-1/2 Bath 1/2" Only Manabloc Package (MVSP3-25) Click for sale Price

3 Bath 1/2" Only Manabloc Package (MVSP3-30) Click for sale Price

3-1/2 Bath 1/2" Only Manabloc Package (MVSP3-35) Click for sale Price

4 Bath 1/2" Only Manabloc Package (MVSP3-40) Click for sale Price



The stock numbers are MVSP3-XX (the "XX" is the number of bathrooms, for example: MVSP3-25 is a package(1/2" only) for a 2.5 bathroom house.)   

Stock No. Description MVSP3-10 MVSP3-15 MVSP3-20 MVSP3-25 MVSP3-30 MVSP3-35 MVSP3-40
MXBDxx-3cus MANABLOC (1/2" Ports, Bare) 14 Port 18 Port 24 Port 24 Port 24 Port 30 Port 30 Port
MBB2 Mounting Bracket Kit 1 1 1 1 1 1 1
PXR3C 1/2" PEX, Red 200' 200' 200' 200' 300' 300' 300'
PXB3C 1/2" PEX, Blue 200' 300' 300' 400' 400' 400' 500'
MSA45 3/4" MPT x MANABLOC 2 2 2 2 2 2 2
ECAP1 MANABLOC End Cap 1 1 1 1 1 1 1
RXPC4 1/2" MANABLOC Port Safety Cap 1 2 6 3 1 4 2
XLDE33 1/2" INS Drop Ear Elbow (tub/showers) 2 2 4 4 6 6 8
XLMC33 1/2" INS x 1/2" MPT (tub/showers) 4 4 8 8 12 12 16
XLFC33 1/2" INS x 1/2" FPT (hose bibs) 2 2 2 2 2 2 2
XLSA33 1/2" INS x LAV (washer/icemaker) 3 3 3 3 3 3 3
DEBS3 1/2" DROP-EAR BEND SUPPORT 5 8 8 11 11 14 14
PLBS3 1/2" PEX BEND SUPPORT 8 10 10 12 14 14 16
XRSA33 1/2" INS x LAV (sinks) 4 6 6 8 8 10 10
MVSXLME32 1/2" INS x 3/8" MPT Elbow (Dish.) 1 1 1 1 1 1 1
XLCSA33 1/2" INS x Closet (toilets) 1 2 2 3 3 4 4
MXRCD34 1/2" Manabloc Port Adapter 13 16 18 21 23 26 28
RXPC3 1/2" FPT Test Cap (tub/shower nipples) 2 2 4 4 6 6 8
HB14120MV10 14" Nylon Tie 10 10 10 10 10 10 10
CLJ3MV25 1/2" PEX Tubing Clamp 125 150 150 175 200 225 250
VXP3MV10 1/2" Pex Tubing Test Plug 10 10 20 20 20 20 20
RXEW3 1/2" Escutcheon 5 8 8 11 11 14 14
XLCR3 1/2" Crimp Ring 50 75 75 100 100 125 125
MW1 Manabloc Wrench 1 1 1 1 1 1 1
MVSOK3**** Oops Kit 1 1 1 1 1 1 1


**** MVSPOK3 Manabloc 1/2" Oops Kit Includes: (1) XLMC33, (1) XLFC33, (1) XRSA33, (1) MXRDC34, (3) XLC33 & (10) XLCR3.  Please Note: Manabloc 1/2" Oops Kit contents may vary.  Also available separately, MVSOK3, List $17.11, Sale $13.89

 Free Std. Ground Shipping on all Manabloc Packages!

Manabloc Package Upgrades:

Manabloc Port Upgrades include a larger Manabloc for future expansion and are available for all Manabloc packages.  Upgrade must be purchased on the same order as the Manabloc Package.  Multiple Port Upgrades may be purchased Port upgrades do NOT include any fittings.  Please make sure to order the correct port upgrade for the Manabloc package you are ordering (refer to the table above to see which Manabloc is included with the Manabloc packages). 

Example 1)  The MVSP3-15 package includes an 18 port Manabloc.  To upgrade that 18 port Manabloc to a 24 port Manabloc, order the MXBD18-24(upgrade).  Or to upgrade that 18 port Manabloc to a 30 port Manabloc, order BOTH the MXBD18-24(upgrade) AND the MXBD24-30(upgrade).

Example 2)  The MVSP3-30 package includes a 24 port Manabloc.  To upgrade that 24 port Manabloc to a 30 port Manabloc, order the MXBD24-30(upgrade).  Or to upgrade that 24 port Manabloc to a 36 Port Manabloc, order BOTH the MXBD24-30(upgrade) AND the MXBD30-36(upgrade). 

If you have ANY questions about the Manabloc port upgrades, please call or email for clarification before placing your order!

    14 to 18 Port Upgrade  MXBD14-18(upgrade), Click for Sale Price

    18 to 24 Port Upgrade  MXBD18-24(upgrade), Click for Sale Price

    24 to 30 Port Upgrade  MXBD24-30(upgrade), Click for Sale Price

    30 to 36 Port Upgrade  MXBD30-36(upgrade), Click for Sale Price


3/4" Manabloc Main Supply Package Upgrades (MVSP4-033(upgrade), List $177.07, Sale $120.27; MVSP4-100(upgrade), List $221.50, Sale $155.27) includes 3/4" main supply tubing and fittings between the pressure regulator, Manabloc and water heater:  (1) 3/4" ViegaPex white tubing, (1)  XLMC44 - 3/4" Crimp x 3/4" MPT adapter (Connect Pex to regulator); (3)  MXRSA4 - 3/4" Crimp x Manabloc Fitting (replaces Manabloc pkg. fittings ECAP1 and MSA45);  (3)  XLV44KITth - 3/4" Crimp ball valve kits (main shut-off and H/C water heater valves); (2)  MVS4418SS4 -18" 18" Braided SS Flex water heater connectors (w/swivel connect);  (5)  XLE44 - 3/4"Elbows;  (1)  XLCR4MV025 - 3/4"Crimp Rings, 25 Pk.; & (1)  CLJ4MV025 - 3/4"J-Clamps.  3/4" crimp tool required for installation.  Click on sale price to go to product detail page.



Manabloc 1" MPT Main Supply Line Fittings Upgrade (MSA55(upgrade), List $16.40, Sale $11.00 ) includes (2) MSA55 1" MPT  Manabloc Main Supply Line Fittings (instead of the (2) MSA45 3/4" fittings included in Manabloc Packages).   


Deluxe 1/2" Oops Kit Upgrade (MVSOK3D(upgrade), List $20.23, Sale $17.99) includes (1) MBRS5 Manabloc Valve Stem Replacement Kit w/(1) MBS136R Manabloc T-Handle Valve Key, (2) XLE33, (2) XLC33F, (2) XLC33M, (2) RXPC4, (1) XLT333. 


Chrome Angle Stop Upgrade includes Copper stub-outs, Chrome Angle Stops, Pex Risers and 1/2" escutcheons for the look of conventional finish plumbing for closet, Lav. and Kit. sink fixtures (replaces CLSE23 turn-out clamps, XRSA23 Lav fittings, XLCSA23 closet fittings and RXEW2 3/8" escutcheons included in std Manabloc packages). 

CAS w/Braided SS Risers Upgrades include Braided Stainless Steel Risers (replaces the Pex risers in the std. CAS upgrade).  Upgrade must be purchased on same order as Manabloc Package purchase.  Click on sale price to add to basket.  



    1  Bath Chrome Angle Stop Upgrade  MVSP-10CAS(upgrade), List $57.77, Sale $51.79 

    1  Bath CAS w/Braided SS Risers Upgrade  MVSP-10CASBRSS(upgrade), List $101.57, Sale $85.52 


    1-1/2  Bath Chrome Angle Stop Upgrade  MVSP-15CAS(upgrade), List $92.24, Sale $82.68

    1-1/2  Bath CAS w/Braided SS Risers Upgrad MVSP-15CASBRSS(upgrade), List $161.92, Sale $136.20 


    2  Bath Chrome Angle Stop Upgrade  MVSP-20CAS(upgrade), List $92.24, Sale $82.68

    2  Bath CAS w/Braided SS Risers Upgrade  MVSP-20CASBRSS(upgrade), List $161.92, Sale $136.20


    2-1/2  Bath Chrome Angle Stop Upgrade  MVSP-25CAS(upgrade), List $126.71, Sale $113.57

    2-1/2  Bath CAS w/Braided SS Risers Upgrade  MVSP-25CASBRSS(upgrade), List $222.27, Sale $186.88


    3  Bath Chrome Angle Stop Upgrade  MVSP-30CAS(upgrade), List $126.71, Sale $113.57

    3  Bath CAS w/Braided SS Risers Upgrade  MVSP-30CASBRSS(upgrade), List $222.27, Sale $186.88


    3-1/2  Bath Chrome Angle Stop Upgrade  MVSP-35CAS(upgrade), List $161.18, Sale $144.46

    3-1/2  Bath CAS w/Braided SS Risers Upgrade  MVSP-35CASBRSS(upgrade), List $282.62, Sale $237.56


    4  Bath Chrome Angle Stop Upgrade  MVSP-40CAS(upgrade), List $161.18, Sale $144.46 

    4  Bath CAS w/Braided SS Risers Upgrade  MVSP-40CASBRSS(upgrade), List $282.62, Sale $237.56

Additional Components:

Pressure Test Kit - (MVSPTKL3) includes air valve w/cap, 100 PSI air gauge (2.0") and fittings with 1/2" Manabloc port adapter for pressure testing Manabloc system.  

Closet Straight Stop - (VXVC3)  1/2" crimp polymer shut-off valve connects directly to closet fixtures (toilets).  Swivel connector allows installation or replacement after crimp is made.   

Icemaker Rough-In Box w/Valve - (MVSICEBX)  White plastic icemaker rough-in box, includes 1/8" MPT, 1/4 turn icemaker valve. 

Washer Rough-In Box w/Valves - (MVSWASHBX)  White plastic washer rough-in box, includes hot and cold 1/4 turn valves.

1/2" Brass Ball Valve - (XLV33)  1/2" crimp x 1/2" crimp brass straight ball valve.  In-line stop for 1/2" Pex tubing supply lines.

Copper Stub-Out - (XLE33SOE6) 1/2" Crimp x 1/2" Copper pipe, used to rough-in Lav., Kit., and toilet supply lines from the wall with 1/2" Pex tubing.  Also requires a Chrome Angle Stop (XCVAC31) and a Pex Riser (RLX120, RLX136 or RKX120) for connecting to fixture.


Manabloc Fittings & Accessories

Manabloc Installation Tips

Honeywell Pressure Regulators

Honeywell Water Sediment Filters:






Need help custom designing your Radiant Floor Heat or Manabloc Plumbing System?    Call us at 800.560.6222 (9am-4pm Monday-Friday, Eastern) or email  (days, evenings and weekends) and we'll help!    


Please Note:  MVSP3 Series Manabloc Packages require crimp tools.  Even though Manabloc systems are very easy to install, we recommend installation by licensed, experienced plumbers.

If you would like us to help configure a Manabloc system for your house, just email us at


Manabloc Installation Tips is a "no-nonsense" company focused on delivering the highest professional- quality products at the lowest price.  We combine incredibly low prices and  Free Std. Ground Shipping for the best value on the web! Tech-Reps have years of experience with HRH and Manabloc systems and are just an email away from answering your questions (usually within an hour or two, not days).  Just email us at

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